The Fitness Studio of Annapolis helps you reduce your body weight and body fat, ensuring you look and feel better then ever!

The Fitness Studio Annapolis Personal Training

The Fitness Studio of Annapolis has experienced trainers to get you that lean and toned body that will make your friends jealous!

Core Training at The Fitness Studios Annapolis Personal Training

The Fitness Studio has the knowledge to really take your weight training to the next level, developing both size and strength.

Our programs are custom tailored to meet each individual where they are. We then work with you each step of the way to ensure your success.


Rob Beall The Fitness Studio

I replaced my guilt of an unused impersonal big box gym membership, with real results.

For many years I had a gym membership at large impersonal place which I visited seldom. Occasionally I would go there for cardio or lift a weight  just to reduce my guilt from paying monthly fees. Then I found the Fitness Studio at Annapolis. Not only was the space intimate and personal, so were the

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These articles will include workout and health tips along with more information about our services. We also bring awareness to health issues and how regular fitness wellness can help combat these problems. We feel education is key in working toward a healthier lifestyle.