Summer Bodies Are Made In The Spring

Summer Bodies are Made in the Spring

Summer bodies are made in the spring but you may have been working at this for awhile. There is always a renewed energy around the New Year to get in shape but then dies down around spring. Warm weather might be fast approaching, but there is still time to hold fast to your goals. Don’t let self-doubt get the best of you. As the quote goes, “Doubt is just success testing your spirit.” To motivate your spirit here are some motivational tips to re-jumpstart your summer workout goals.

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Spring

Lifting weights is great, but so it switching up your routine. Consider going for a hike or alternative activities that get you to move.


One of the most important things to do for beginning a workout plan is to set a reasonable goal for yourself. These are goals that you can achieve in a realistic timeframe. For example, losing 20lbs in a week is not a safe or reasonable. Instead, try for 2lbs per week – it’s doable and safe on your body. Once you have a goal in mind for what you want to achieve, it will be easier to set a week to week schedule of how your workouts can be.

Rise to the Occasion

Literally. It’s a lot easier to throw in the towel after a long work day and not go head to the gym. That is why morning workouts are better. It’s a great way to blow off steam before you head into the office and you feel accomplished the entire day – no matter what you already worked out! If you get in a 30min-1hr workout before work a couple days a week, you are well on your way to achieving your goal. It has the added benefit of giving your metabolism a boost.

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Spring

Only about 20% of adults get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables need in their daily diets.

Eat What’re Comfortable With

Don’t eat foods because it’s a trend and everyone is eating it. If you’re not into eating kale, then don’t eat it. However, we do suggest incorporating healthier food groups into your diet. For example, vegetables, fruits, leaner meats, and healthy grains. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of pizza every once in a while. It just means eating the greasy or heavy foods in moderation.


Make It Fun

Although it does help, you don’t have to always have to run or lift weights in order to workout. Switch it up and do a different activity to get your cardio up. You could join a softball league or even sign up for some dancing classes. It allows you to incorporate different workouts to your workout plan, in addition, you are building on a variety of muscle groups while still having fun.

Bribe Yourself

There is nothing better than having a sweet reward to look forward to after a workout. Mentally, it’s also a lot easier to get through a difficult workout, knowing when you have something to do later. It could be going shopping with friends, getting a beer, or even having a sweet healthy treat later on in the day. That way, the gym is just a stop on your way to something else you’re looking forward to.

The best advice we can give you is not to do it alone. Having self-motivation is great, but accountability helps too. The trainers at The Fitness Studio work with you to formulate a personalized strategy to get you to your goal and stay motivated. Contact us today to learn more.