About Us

About Us

The Fitness Studio is designed to have a personal trainer to fit your needs. The trainers are certified professionals who are friendly, realistic, and approachable. They specialize in a variety of training styles and methods to meet your needs, that can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether it’s from general muscle development, sports specific training, or weight management the trainers here at the Fitness Studio are trained to assist you in any way possible.


JD Fitness Studio

JD Adamson

I’ve been professionally training since 1997  helping people get into the best shape of their lives and couldn’t ever think of anything I’d rather do for a living. The relationships I’ve made and the results I’ve seen have been far more outstanding than anything I could imagine. Educated at Temple University and certified by ACE. Specializing in many areas including functional lifestyle training, weight management, lean muscle development, sport specific training (adult and teenage athletes), and greatly improving overall fitness levels ranging from teens to senior citizens.

Dan Fitness Studio

Dan Cross

I feel so rewarded by helping my clients experience positive changes in their lives through hard work and dedication. This is why I have placed my time, energy and efforts into the fitness profession. I love my job and have immensely enjoyed the relationships I have built with my clients in the 15 years I have been at The Fitness Studio. I take seriously the health and wellbeing of everyone I work with. My Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology from Liberty University, my 17+ years of personal training experience and ACE personal training certification provides me the insight and ability to meet each client’s unique needs and individual fitness goals.