Core Training

Core Training at The Fitness Studios Annapolis Personal Training

Core Training

The Fitness Studio team firmly believes in integrating core training into all methods of conditioning. Our team takes a holistic approach to strength training and are confident in the importance of building strength from the inside out. Core conditioning is a crucial component of our clients’ fitness regimen. Modern society spends much of its time sitting and hunching. Over time, this will contribute to the degeneration of the spine. The core is connected to the back and leg muscles, therefore, a weak core will contribute to the possible atrophy of other muscles as well.

Integrative Training

Proper core training needs to not only include the abdominal muscles but the erector spinae. The combination of both will serve to support the spine improving posture. Improved posture will promote better breathing, better breathing will improve focus, better focus will promote body awareness, body awareness improves stability and balance, better balance will improve flexibility, improved flexibility affects performance, and better performance decreases the risk of injury.

Improved Sports Performance

Many of our clients remark how surprised they are to see the effects core training has upon their sports performance. Recreational sports such as skiing, golfing, sailing will see a remarkable improvement. And better yet, by improving core strength, clients will remain active later in life. A young athlete’s performance also vastly benefit from learning core connection, and this connection can then be applied in all aspects for a lifetime.

More Than Just a Six-Pack

We emphasize to our clients that benefits of strengthening the core go above and beyond merely having tight abs or a six-pack. It is in fact, imperative to overall heath and well-being to build strength from the center outward. A strong center improves overall fitness, and you will see a remarkable improvement in balance, stability, coordination, and everyday functionality. The bottom line is that everyone can, and will, benefit from core training and strengthening.