Weight Management

Weight Management at The Fitness Studio of Annapolis Personal Training Slide

Weight Management

The Fitness Studio is committed to creating a quality relationship between trainer and client built on honesty and trust. The strength of this bond is invaluable, especially where weight management is concerned. We work carefully with you to formulate a customized, individual strategy based on your goals. We want you to succeed, and our staff works tirelessly toward you achieving and exceeding your objectives.

Personalized Consultation

Upon the initial consultation, a member of our team will meet with you for a complete nutritional evaluation. During this time we carefully review your current diet, noting any troubled areas or behaviors that may need addressing. Our staff makes it a point never to judge, and we always vow to lead our clients with compassion toward a better, healthier lifestyle. The primary objective is to establish a relationship built on mutual trust. We are here to help you be successful!

Effective Strategies

After the evaluation, we work with you to formulate a strategy that best suits your needs and aims. Your personalized weight management plan will include both dietary and exercise suggestions, unique to you. We make sure these are realistic, and we will even address special occasions, vacations, or suggestions when eating out.

These strategies are aimed at creating healthy patterns, and establishing accountability. At every training session, you can expect to receive your fitness and nutrition strategies. Our team emphasizes the necessity to stay in touch through texting, emailing, and calling. We want you to understand that you have a trainer for 7 days a week, not only during your session.

Exceed Your Expectations!

We believe in educating our clients as to why our suggested choices and options are better to boost your metabolism and increase your energy. Your workouts and nutrition need to work in conjunction, so it is essential for success for you to coordinate your efforts. And we want you to understand the how and why. This will empower you with the knowledge that will last your lifetime. We work together not toward a temporary diet fix, but a lifestyle improvement. You will see your desired results and acquire the skills for a lifetime of healthy living.

We are here to help you be successful!