5 Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

5 Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

Work. We spend most of our time there. Sure, the office can be full of temptation: vending machines or even receptionists that bring in donuts. There are a few things you can do to keep yourself healthy while you’re powering through your day. Your workplace can be a place that supports your healthy lifestyle and just a few simple changes can make a big difference in your energy levels. Check out these ways to eat healthy at work.

ways to stay healthy at work

If you take care of your body, you’ll find that you will become more productive and have more energy at work.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

ways to stay healthy at work - healthy breakfast options

Try adding in some protein in your normal breakfast meal like an over-easy egg in some oatmeal.

Yes, getting ready for work in the morning can be chaotic, but there is a reason why they say that, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” According to recent studies, not eating in the morning has been linked to diabetes risks, obesity, and morning moodiness. There are quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas you can put together at home or even at the office.

2. Prepare in Advance

One of the best things about working is that there is a schedule where you can decide when you want to eat. A good way to implement a schedule is by preparing meals for the day and week, or “meal-prepping”. A good start is by purchasing different sized plastic containers. Still, don’t have time in the morning to prepare meals for the day? Then we suggest you prepare the day before, or even set some time out during the weekend to create your meals for the week.

3. Find a Weight Loss Ally

Hopefully, you have come coworkers that have become your friends. If you’re still having trouble with eating healthy at work, ask a few of your coworkers if they want to eat healthier with you. Having a support system is a great way to keep your healthy ways in check. And before you know it, you might have more and more people at your workplace changing their ways to eat healthier.

4. Stay Hydrated

Man Drinking At Desk

Staying hydrated can help curb your appetite. Try bringing in a water bottle from home to have at your desk.

Studies have shown that people who feel like they’re hungry most of the day, are actually dehydrated. Whether you like the tasted of it or not, water is an important part of good health. Save money by purchasing a water bottle to bring in the office instead of buying bottled water. Try to get into the habit of making sure you take a few gulps of water every 30mintues at your desk. Or walk to the office kitchen or water fountain to fill up your water bottle. You’ll get some exercise that way!

5. Have Healthier Options

If you on occasion have to take a business client out for dinner or lunch, then have some restaurants available in mind for your next client meeting. Beforehand, do some research in your area of restaurants that do more than big greasy burgers. That way, you can recommend something the two of you are going to enjoy. Furthermore, limit the amount of alcohol in your diet. While the occasional drink or two won’t hurt, it’s important to moderate your alcohol consumption.

If you take care of your mind and body, you’ll find that you will be more productive and have more energy throughout the day. When you take care of yourself, it is not just your health that benefits, but your business will too. If you have any other nutrition-based questions or want to learn more ways to stay healthy at work, please contact the Fitness Studio and talk to one of our trainers for more information.