Top Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Top Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

With the dawning of every New Year, on the top of most resolution lists is to lose weight or get into shape. More often than not, the year starts out strong, only to fizzle out in a few weeks or a month. This year, avoid these top weight loss mistakes, and you will not only see results but remain inspired throughout the entire year.

scale -Weight Loss Mistakes to AvoidOnly Focusing on the Scale

Too often we mark goals as a number on the dial. While the scale is important in tracking weight loss goals, it is not the only indicator that change is happening. As you begin eating right and exercising the numbers may not go down as quick as you expect. However, you may notice that you are dropping inches. Also, remember, that muscle weighs more than fat. So, as you gain muscle, the scale will start to steady out, but your shape is improving!

Eating Low-Fat or “Diet Foods”

While it may seem logical that to lose weight you should cut out fat or eat marketed diet products. However, this tactic must be avoided. Your body requires fat for survival and cutting it out completely puts you into the starvation mode mentioned above. Also, most diet foods are highly processed and contain artificial ingredients. The best advice is to eat as much food in its natural state as possible. Think, fresh veggies, fruits and meats seasoned and prepared at home. A rule of thumb: if you cannot pronounce the ingredients avoid the food!

Not Eating Enough Protein

Getting enough protein is super important if you’re trying to lose weight. Most noteworthy, adequate protein has been shown to help in many ways. It increases the feelings of fullness thus reducing appetite, calories consumed. Protein increases metabolic rate, and not help build muscle mass, but maintain it as well.

working out time scale -Weight Loss Mistakes to AvoidNot Exercising Enough or Exercising Too Much

The basic recommendations for physical health are 150 minutes of movement a week. For weight loss, this will need to be increased to see results. However, here is the caveat, you may not need more minutes, but more intensity. Choose a variety of workouts that keep the body guessing. That way, you will avoid exercise plateaus and continue seeing results.

Choosing Cardio Over Weight Training

So many people mistakenly believe that logging in hours of cardio will result in weight loss. However, resistance training or weight lifting is one of the most efficient strategies for losing weight. It increases muscle mass, therefore increasing metabolic weight. Most women avoid it, believing they will bulk up. This is simply not true. Besides weight loss, there are many other benefits fo resistance training, such as reducing bone mass loss, increased strength and cardio endurance.

calories - calories - working out time scale -Weight Loss Mistakes to AvoidNot Eating Enough Calories

One of the most common mistakes when trying to lose weight is not eating enough calories. This strategy often backfires, and here’s how. If you do not consume enough calories, your body will shift into an ancient method used for survival. This starvation mode causes your body’s metabolism to slow and store fat, preparing for leaner days. Instead, chose smaller, frequent meals to keep your metabolism’s fire stoked. You feel satisfied, plus it helps you avoid a potential deprivation/binge cycle.

Setting Unachievable Goals

Goals serve to motivate you. Consequently, setting unrealistic expectations can actually work against you. Instead, set mini-goals that you can be proud of, cross off your list, and move forward. This prevents frustration and encourages your chances for success. Make your goals modest, part of a larger positive outcome.

Consuming Hidden Sugars

So, you have been eating and exercising smarter, but the scale still seems stuck. Have you looked at what you are drinking? Sodas, sports recovery, and protein drinks are often filled with sugars and empty calories. And, we are not saying that you need to swear off your favorite cocktails forever, remember they too are empty calories. So, choose wisely and remember that moderation is key.

Not Keeping a Food Journal

Not tracking your food in any way could destroy your goals. Keeping a food journal keeps you honest and accountable. There are many helpful fitness apps for smartphones. These apps not only help you keep track of your calories consumed and burned, many times, they are eye-opening. You may not realize how many calories are in your favorite snacks, or how hard you have to work to burn them off.

At the Fit Studio, our team believes in a holistic approach to being fit and healthy. We understand the challenges many of us face in life. Our goal is to work with you to create a customized strategy that works best for you for the new year and beyond. Learn how you can avoid these common weight loss mistakes. Contact us today!

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