The Benefits of Sports Specific Training

The Benefits of Sports Specific Training

Whether you’re wishing to improve your golf game, interested in becoming a stronger sailor, or seeking to be faster and more agile on the turf, The Fitness Studio can help. There are a lot of benefits to sports specific training. Not many people even know that gyms and training gyms offer sports specific training services. Sports specific training at The Fitness Studio means a customized program to enhance your athletic performance and designed to meet your goals. There are a lot of benefits to sports specific training.

Sport Specific Training at Fitness Studio of Annapolis Sport Specific Trainig

Fitness Studio trainers are here to help improve your technique and form with concentrated movement unique to the sport or skill.

1. Strength

It isn’t just strength. It is also power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and agility. Every sport requires specific strengths. For example, sailors who race regularly but their bodies through a lot. It also rings true for newbies. Most people picking up sailing for the first time don’t consider the physical readiness necessary to take a sailing course. Focusing on the muscle groups and skills to be successful at sailing, like agility and stomach strength can make you even better than you thought possible. Need to improve that golf swing? Great, let’s work on legs, core, and specific arm strengthening exercises.

Professional Horseback Rider Alex McReady

Just like many sports, horse riding can cause trauma and is taxing on the body. Focusing on hips, legs, core and other specific muscle groups help prevent injury.

2. Mental Preparedness

Working toward improving your technique and form with concentrated movement unique to your sport gives you mental preparedness. It’s a fancy way to say, you know what your body can do, and that confidence turns into action. Knowing you have the skill level necessary allows you to go forward with determination. Now those 18 holes don’t seem so daunting, and you don’t have to worry about being sore after your equestrian competition.

3. Less Injury

The most significant benefit of sports specific training is reducing the risk of injury. Maybe you aren’t competing on a national level, but you like your Wednesday night races. Awesome, but pulling a back muscle can take you out of the count. Customized training helps you develop strength and flexibility in the same range of motion as the actual skill to make you stronger. Making sure you have that muscle memory reduces the risk of hurting yourself.

The Fitness Studio believes in never compromising the athlete’s technique, always improving upon it. Our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure you to become stronger in not only the body but the mind. This combination creates formidable and responsible athletes. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment for a consultation.