How To Stay On Track During Vacation

How To Stay On Track During Vacation

Scheduling a vacation in the summer is always a good idea. It’s great for your mental and physical health. However, many people struggle with finding the time to stay on track during vacation. Summer maintenance can be difficult, but it can be accomplished. There are plenty of ways to stay on track during vacation.

Here are some ways to stay active during vacation:

Fitness Studio tips for stay on track during vacation

If you’re vacationing at the beach, try running along the beach during a sunset to escape the heat.

Pack Healthy For The Trip

Wherever you’re going on vacation, you have to get there by car, plane or train. Road tripping can bring on the urge to snack. We suggest packing light and healthy meals for the trip. If you do make pit-stops along the way, looking for healthier options. For example, if you go to a fast food burger joint, order a baked or grilled meat option. As for the side, instead of fries, order a healthier option like fruit or a yogurt. If you’re heading to the convenient store for some snacks there are plenty of healthy options. Try nuts, fruit cups, cheese sticks, shakes, and low sodium meats.

Have Fun In The Sun

A gym isn’t necessary to get in a get workout. Plan an outside activity with friends and family. Try going for a short run, swim in the pool, or go on a nature hike. Try to walk as much as possible when it comes to sight-seeing. It’s an easy way to burn off calories while still enjoying family time. If you incorporate your daily exercise early, then you have accomplished your workout for the day. Now you can lay on the beach all day long guilt free.

Eat Your Heart Out, But Not Too Much

During vacation, people look forward to the indulgences. Nothing says vacation like relaxing while eating your favorite sweets. We’re not saying you can’t enjoy yourself, but we do suggest to watch how much you eat. It’s easy to start gaining unwanted weight during vacation. Also, it can be a hard habit to break after the vacation is over. We suggest sharing a dessert with a friend, or saving the dessert for a later time.

Wet Your Whistle With More Water

Drinking sugary beverages and traveling go hand in hand for many people. When you are active in the sun all day it makes you dehydrated and you’re left feeling exhausted. While staying on track during vacation, it’s important to hydrate yourself throughout the day with water. Try bringing a water bottle with you either to the beach, on your hike, or for walking around. If you’re going to drink alcoholic beverages, think outside of the box. Rather than having a sugary margarita poolside, opt for a white-wine spritzer or even a light beer.


Another factor for enjoying yourself on vacation, is being guilt-free. Whatever you decide to do, do it without guilt. You’re on vacation, so it’s important for your mental health that you are enjoying yourself. Don’t shame yourself for missing a workout or eating unhealthy. Enjoy yourself!

If you’d like more tips on how to stay on track during vacation, talk to one of our trainers. At the Fitness Studio, we have trained professionals that are here to assist you and your goals. Our trainers like to have vacations too! They are able to give you more tips for staying on track while out of town.