Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Diet

Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Diet

From Halloween to New Year’s is filled with so many parties and events. It is a festive and fun time of year. It is also easy to pack on a few pounds with all the wonderful food and beverages we enjoy. The temptations are there to have the caloric drinks and second (or third) trips to fill up your plate. There are ways to stay on track and keep from overindulging during the holiday season. Here are some tips to stay mindful of while visiting family and friends. This year stay on track and don’t let the holidays ruin your diet!

Be Honest With Yourself

don't let the holidays ruin your dietLook, we understand this is a tricky time of year. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. Be patient and forgiving of yourself. It is best to indulge in small bits instead of depriving yourself and then binging. To avoid the second helping of food, have a little snack before you head out to the party. If you come super hungry, you will be prone to eat mindlessly. And, before you realize it, you will have consumed an entire’s day worth of calories in one sitting.

Also, for family gatherings bring your healthy creation. Take a dish you know you can consume without the guilt. Bring raw veggies to fill up on and skip the dip. Eat small and snack on food rich in fiber and protein, so you can avoid overeating. Another great tip is to eat on small plates, so you keep your portion sizes smaller.

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you still get a sufficient amount of sleep during this hectic season. It will help alleviate stress and keep your immune system strong. Plus, if you are getting up early to workout, you need to make sure you hit the hay at a decent hour.

Finding the motivation to get up early and workout seems hard at first. But, after a week or two, you understand the benefits of getting in your sweat session first thing. You feel fantastic once finished, and those good feelings last all day. Once the days get shorter, it’s easier to make excuses to head home after work and skip your workout.

Enjoy Yourself

It is important to have realistic expectations. If you are going for a drink or two, consider drinking water in between each. Don’t punish yourself with not having a bite or two of a holiday dessert. Remember, it is just about moderation. More importantly, don’t give up. If you do indulge, just know every day is a new day. Get back to the gym, and keep trying to meet your goals. Also, know you are not alone. Many of your family and friends are working on healthy goals. Consider taking a walk after dinner.

Also, know you are not alone. Many of your family and friends are working on healthy goals. Consider taking a group walk after dinner. This helps digestion and helps prevent stomach issues, like heartburn. Getting healthy together is a great idea.

Follow these tips and don’t let the holidays ruin your diet this year. If you have any questions about this or more tips on holiday healthy, contact one of our trainers. We will work together to formulate your personal strategy for staying motivated through the festive season. Happy Holidays!